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Many of you may have listened to the TGIF Talkgroup or checked into the TGIF Net on Fridays at 8:00 PM on DMR Brandmaster Talkgroup 31665. We had been auto-linking to this net for the past few weeks on the 145.440 MHz DMR/multi-mode repeater. As announced by the talkgroup admin and net control Robert K4WZV last Friday, the TGIF Talkgroup is being discontinued and the net moving to his own dedicated internet server apart from the Brandmaster network. Accordingly, the TGIF Talkgroup 31665 is no longer functioning and you can remove it from your DMR codeplug. CORRECTION: The TGIF Net is also no longer available on the 145.150 Fusion/FM repeater Wires-X system.

Tennessee 470 Amateur Radio Group Net

Tennessee 470 Amateur Radio Group Net

Join us every Thursday night at 12:30 pm UTC / 6:30 pm CST / 7:30 pm EST for the Tennessee 470 Amateur Radio Group Net with Trivia at 9:00 pm EST and ragchew after the net. This is a 4 hour net with plenty of conversation.

International R.E.A.C.T. Net

International R.E.A.C.T. Net

The International R.E.A.C.T. Net begins at 8:00 pm EST / 7:00 pm CST. This net is for R.E.A.C.T. members and non-members to check-in and keeps members updated on events regarding R.E.A.C.T.

International DX Net

International DX Net

The International DX Net hosted by K2HZE begins at 9:00 pm EST / 8:00 pm CST. This net is for all operators to check-in from around the world.

Canada Alberta VE6 Local Nets HF | VHF | UHF

Canada Alberta VE6 Local Nets HF | VHF | UHF

0130 UTC - Alberta Public Service net on 3.700MHz

20:00 Local - Alberta D-Star Net on VE6KM-B

1930 L - NARC weekly net on VE6HM
2030 L - Ladies net on VE6NHB / SARA system

0900 L - TransCanada IRLP Net on VE6NHB / SARA system.
2100 L - VE6PP linked to VE6HM Whitecourt Net

1930 L - New Hams 2m net on VE6NHB / SARA system

1900 L - D-STAR Can-Net on VE6KM B.

North American Handshakers Net

North American Handshakers Net
A new Tuesday night net has started called “The North American Handshakers Net” every Tuesday night at 10pm Eastern time. There will be four net controllers alternating from week to week. They are Harold, K5MES (Fort Smith, AR), Matt, N9GMR (Port Orange, FL), Alexia, KE7UWU (Portland, OR) and Jodi, KE7WYK (Roy, UT).

North American Handshakers NetMonday2200 ET9250KE7ZWP

We need to be advised of the updates 2018 ??

NorthWest Alabama DMR Net

NorthWest Alabama DMR Net
BM TG - 31016
Wednesday 20:30 Central Time

Please add this to your DMR Net List and come join us.

Thanks and 73,
Grady L. Evans

DMR Net Talkgroups

Two new talkgroups have been created by the Brandmeister USA team for the purpose of running nets.  If you want to run a DMR net, you now have a place to do it.
Net 1 31001
Net 2 31002

DMR Talkgroup changes:


Daily 600/1600145.35Arizona Weather Net
Daily0700-0800147.120 449.600 ECHOMESA AM DRIVETIME NET
Daily700147.160 147.220 447.575Knobbe Tree Net
Daily 900147.300 / ECHOWest Valley Club
Daily 2100RIMLINKARA 2100 Net
Mon-Thur2000147.300 / ECHOWest Valley Club
Monday1900147.120 449.600 ECHOMESA CERT 1ST TUESDAY
Monday1830147.260 Mt UnionYavapai RACES
Monday1900145.230 Mingus MtnYavapai RACES
Monday1900224.600Condor Connection
Monday1900147.120 449.600 ECHOSUPERSTITION ARC
Monday1900449.825East Valley Repeater Group
Monday1900146.980Coconino Skywarn Sector 5
Monday1930146.940 / 441.725ARA Swap Net
Monday2000440.375 South MTNEast Valley Repeater Group
Monday2100METROLINKMaricopa EAN
Tuesday 1900147.12Cactus Keys YL
Tuesday 1900147.200PCECG
Tuesday 1930147.040 146.700 446.150ThunderBird Amateur Club
Tuesday 2000Phx EOC SYSTEMMCSO
Tuesday 2000RIMLINKPinal County Skywarn Sector 6
Wednesday1900146.500Pima County Net
Wednesday1900146.980Coconino County ARES
Wednesday190050.140 145.575 ECHO6M SSB NET
Wednesday1930145.43Tri-City Amateur Club
Wednesday2000442.550PHOENIX SkyWarn Net
Wednesday2000147.120Superstition ARC
Wednesday2015444.300 / ECHOAZ 4x4 Net
Thursday1830147.120 449.600 ECHOARIZONA MESH NET
Thursday190028.465 USB10 METER NET
Thursday1930147.120 / 449.600Superstition ARC
Thursday1930447.650 / 146.660Chandler CERT Net
Saturday1300146.880Southern AZ VHF Net
Saturday1330146.880South AZ Hospital Net 3RD Sat
Sunday 1800146.940 / 441.725ARA CalZona Net
Sunday 1900147.220 Mingus MtnVV Roundtable

updated date : November 2018

Digital Contacts Wizard

Digital Contacts Wizard
- update create the contact record database within your transceiver

Digital Mobile Radio
Want to change or edit your DMR ID contact info? Looking for the lastest .csv export to update your DMR radio?

We provide the best tools to manage your Digital Radio experience. We maintain the most up to date, comprehensive, and detailed database of DMR IDs anywhere! Our servers are in sync with the DMR databases and to always provide the latest and most current DMR ID data.

Toronto HAM RADIO Repeaters of Extreme Atrocities in Canada

Toronto HAM RADIO Repeaters of Extreme Atrocities in Canada
DMR Network in Toronto CANADA :  jamming | interference ** SHUT DOWN **

Shut down Repeaters in Toronto Canada

Cross Canada C4FM Weekly Net

Cross Canada C4FM Weekly Net
Wednesday 9PM Eastern 02:00 UTC Room 40678 Yaesu Wires-X Network

Denis Rule VE3BF
Ottawa ON has listed the following (2018-04-11 15:01:28)

This vendor has been registered since 2017-02-23
For Sale (last updated 2018-04-11, listed 2017-02-23)
Manufacturer: Cross Canada
Model: C4FM Net

Wednesday 9PM Eastern 02:00 UTC Room 40678 Yaesu Wires-X Network

Join us on Wires-X for the Cross Canada C4FM Weekly Net
Every Wednesday 9PM Eastern 6PM Pacific 02:00 UTC in room 40678 on the Wires-X network

Pennsylvania Radio Amateurs Net. A statewide DMR Net

Pennsylvania Radio Amateurs Net.

A statewide DMR Net will be held at 8pm Pennsylvania time.

DMR Brandmeister TalkGroup 3142 on Tuesday Evening

PA Statewide (3142) has a DMR Net on Tuesday Evenings at 8PM EST.

Canada DMR Net VE3ORF 3730 Group

The VE3ORF / 3730 Group has been around for over 10 years. They claim to have a goal to help promote the use of Amateur Radio. They have a belief to promote the hobby (Service) by being very active in just about every aspects of it.   Digital Technology, SSB nightly nets, repeater use, weak signal vhf SSB, AM, QRO, QRP etc.

The groups focus is on both Technical and Social aspects while exploring the many opportunities Amateur Radio has to offer.

You can find VE3ORF 3730 Tuesday Weekly NET at 9:00 PM ET and on the repeater system VE3ORF located In beautiful downtown Ottawa.   They offer 3 Digital Long Range Repeaters and a 220 MHZ Digital Repeater Gateway.

February 27 was a fantastic Canada DMR Net by Margaret  KA1BZE as the Net Control from VE3ORF 3730.

I was hoping to check-in and commend to Margaret on her fantastic job.  Please convey to her on behalf of myself VE3WZW ANDRE how I felt she did a great job.
DMR Net list -

We are over joyed,  keep it going.
VE3WZW Andre