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DMR Brandmeister Worldwide Net - Talkgroup 91 Net

DMR Brandmeister Worldwide Net - Talkgroup 91 Net

Saturday’s @ 1700 UTC (1600 DST).

DMR-Brandmeister Worldwide Talkgroup (TG 91).

About and Purpose :
The DMR-Brandmeister Worldwide Net is held weekly Saturday on the DMR-Brandmeister network to test the connectivity and linking of repeaters world wide under stressed volumes.  It is intended as a global forum for discussing news, information and developments related to Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) DMR-Brandmeister. This net is open to all ham radio operators with a DMR capable radio and can be accessed via any DMR repeaters that are connected to the DMR-Brandmeister Worldwide talk group (TB#91).

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  1. seems like they were overstressed today....

    1. It would help if people would follow directions and do what was asked.

  2. I can actually tell you running the WW net on 91, needs a bit of concentration ,listening to the calls come in and getting passed all the ker chunks, then you have those who just check in when ever. Quite the thing to host it on Saturdays

  3. praise for all leaders ww91, 73 de S56HVF Roman 73 ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€ !!!

  4. Is 91ww really the best place for a net? Lots talking locally here saying it is totally the wrong place considering how busy it is without a net.

  5. Issue with 91 is few people who use 91 from sun up to sun down. If those people were considerate 91 wouldn't be such a mess... 91 is good place for net. People need learn pause before keying.

  6. It didn't take long for a few "ragchewers" to ruin what was essentially a good talkgroup. There are hundreds of other talkgroups available for "nets and ragchewing", especially when your 'net' appears in 'prime time' Sunday mornings "downunder", when many hams are out driving, or at rallies, field days, etc. Bruce VK2EM