The East Coast Reflector Tech Net

The East Coast Reflector Tech - Swap Net meets every Tuesday evening on the 9050 reflector at 8:00 East Coast Time and runs until approximately 10:00 PM

We are no longer mentioning system connection information on our Tech Nets, due to time restraints. Below is a quick list of connection information.

-IRLP Reflector 9050
-Allstar Bridges 27339 - 45192 - 45225
-DMR Bridge Talk Group 3129973
-D-star Reflector XRF892D
-Echolink Servers 57780 - 375103

-The system facilitators are looking for pictures of you, your shack, your antennas, your recent projects for this website. Please sent pictures to, we will post them shortly on the YouTube link below......

-The system administrators are asking all East Coast Reflector system users to set all transmitter timers (TOT) to 3 minutes. This includes all repeaters, simplex nodes, portables, mobiles and base stations. Remember, by not leaving long brakes between transmissions your transmit time becomes accumulative and you will time out the system. Thank You...

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