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The Insomniac Net
website :  here
Daily11:00 PST
06:00 UTC
Shorty K6JSI
East Coast Reflector Tech Net
20:00 EDT
00:00 UTC
Winsystem Net
Friday 19:00 PST
02:00 UTC

20:00 EDT
00:00 UTC

Allstar Meet and Greet NetSaturday 22:00 EDT
02:00 UTC
44207 David KD2KVZ
Canada Allstar NetSunday 01:00 EDT
xx00 UTC
Raspberry PI/Allstar netSunday 21:00 UTC 47620
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The 4X AllStar net
The 4X AllStar net happens at 1:30 in the afternoon eastern standard time on sunday. The node number is 48552. the time fluctuates between 1 and 2. you can view the QRZ here. Mark 4X1KS is net controler.

Wide Area Network Repeater System
The Wide Area Network Repeater System, WANRS has a few nets which you can read about here. their main node number is 2135.

Raspberry Pi net
The Raspberry Pi net hosted by W2JLD comes on at 5 in the evening eastern standard time on sunday. You can join it on node 2585. view his QRZ page here. thanks goes to W2JLD for requestingthis be listed.

N8XPK 6 meters AllStar net
the N8XPK 6 meters AllStar net can be heard at 7 in the evening EST on sundays on AllStar node 42993
no other details are known at this time.
thanks goes to N2YIR for the info on this particular net. we certainly do appreciate it.

Teapot Tech net
The Teapot Tech net takes place at 8 in the evening EST with early check ins beginning around 7:30 on Friday. You can check it out at 506450.
no other details were provided.
thanks goes to W7AZC for the info.

East Coast Reflector Tech /Swap Net
the net takes place on tusday night at 8 in the evening EST. this is certainly a multimode system but certainly one which is worth including. their AllSar node, the one I frequent anyway is 27339. you can learn more about the means that they offer into the system as well as other nodes here. WB4IVB and WB2JPQ are the two net controlers as to which your check ins and such will go through. it’s a great net and it’s highly organized. I enjoy it a lot when I’m able to check into it.

Alaska Morning Net
The Alaska morning net takes place at about 1 EST in the afternoon and runs to about 3ish. they are at AllStar node 29332. you can learn more about them and get more information about them here. they are a great bunch of people. I check into it every once and a while. pretty good net.

WIN System nets
the Tech net comes on every friday night at 9:30 EST. Also on the same system is the insomniac trivia net which comes on at 2 EST. you can check out these nets and others on AllStar node 2560 or 2353. click here for more info.

Sky Hub
The Sky Hub Link net comes on the air on Monday at 9 in the evening EST. You can check in via AllStar node 46079. their site can be viewed Here. They also run a scouts net every first and third Sunday at 9:30 EST in the evening with KA0BSA as their usual net controler. They have a Pet Net which comes on the air Thursday evenings at 9:30 and a YL net which allows third party check ins and this can be heard on friday at 9:30 in the evening.
thanks goes to N0STY for the addition to the directory.

Hillbilly rag Chew net
the hillbilly rag chew net comes on at 9 in the evening EST on Wednesdays. you can connect via AllStar at 49798.
thanks goes to AF4Y for supplying the info for the directory.

KB1 multimode net
The KB1 Multimode net takes place on friday evenings at 5 EST on AllStar node 501641
Learn more by checking out the International Radio Network web site for more nets not covered through AllStar and for more info.

The Anzel network has a huge list of nets and I do mean huge. My favorite net that they cover is the Flying pigs net at 9 in the evening EST. They are linked to the Wailes conference server and HAM conference server on Echolink.
You can access their set up via AllStar nodes 48820 and 49903.
You can learn more about The Anzel Network by visiting their web site.

Philadelphia Hub
The hub serves nodes in the South Eastern PA and Southern NJ areas as well as repeaters and nodes throughout the world. All are welcome to connect. Sunday at 9PM EST the Amateur Radio Newsline is played and Monday at 9PM ARRL news is played. Wednesdays from 1-2PM EST is one hour of the Alaska Morning Net. Hub manager is Doug, WA3DSP.
You may connect at 27225.
Thanks goes to WA3DSP for requesting inclusion on the directory.

Henderson Amateur Radio Club
The Henderson Amateur Radio Club invites you to check out their list of Sunday night nets. The zones Henderson Amateur Radio Club General Net is at 10 in the evening EST and their zones Henderson Amateur Radio Club Technical Net is directly after at 11.
You can jjoin via AllStar node 44045. Their site can be viewed here.
Thanks goes to WB6MIE for this addition to the directory.

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