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Insomniac NetDaily02:00 EDT9100N6MGW
Elmira (Ontario) Radio ClubDaily08:15 EDT9669VA3TET
Worldwide Friendship NetDaily10:00 EDT9611KE7ZWP
Saskatchewan NetWeekdays03:00 UTC9300?????
Australian Truck Driver's NetWeekdays06:00 AEST9509VK2XB
New Zealand Emergency Communications Net1st/3rd Sunday08:30 UTC9215ZL2AJ
Waikato VHF GroupSunday08:45 UTC9505ZL1AMW 6549
Roadrunners NetSunday11:30 EDT9205N1NG 3957
Swedish NetSunay15:00 UTC9800SM6UQP 9800
Central Alberta ARES NetSunday20L00 MT9001VA6JL
LIMARC Tech NetSunday20:00 EDT9126KE2EJ
LCARC Sunday Night NetSunday20:00 EDT9310VE9NPS
Old Dominion IRLP NetSunday20:00 EDT9213???
Ontario Provincial Communications NetSunday20:00 EDT9035VA3RX
Red Cross NetSunday21:00 EDT9257W7AOR
RailHam NetSunday22:00 ET9454WD4OXQ
Kids NetSunday23:15 ET9255N7DUO
Fraser Valley Sunday Night Wild Card NetMonday00:00 ET9005VE7NM 1461
Guam International NetMonday05:00 ET9254KH6FV
SSTV NetMonday05:00 ET9501?????
AJ5Q Weekley NetMonday20:00 CT9669KC5FM
Ontario SATERN IRLP NETMonday21:00 ET9032VW3CGN
West Coast AR Assoc.Monday22:00 ET9005VETBEU 1030
Eastcoast reflector Tech NetTuesday20:00 ET9050Dick WB2JPQ
CNIB Cross Canada NetTuesday19:00:00 ET9008VE7DIR/VE7UT
AR Newsline and Check-in NetTuesday19:30:00 ET9663N6USO
Training Information & Public Service (TIPS) NetTuesday20:00 ET:00 ET9123W1RJC/K1SOX
Hilltop BulletinTuesday21:00 ET9055K2EAG
Cilil Air Search and Rescue NetTuesday22:00 ET9214VA3SHQ
North American Handshakers NetTuesday22:00 ET9250KE7ZWP
University NetTuesday23:00 ET9440KB9JHU
Southern San Joaquin Valley FM Radio NetTuesday23:30 ET9255KF6KMY 8120
Michigan IRLP NetWednesday01:00 UTC9206N8HEE
VK Young AmateursWednesday10:00 UTC9508VK3HAG
Blue Mountain ARC NetWednesday10:00 UTC9505VK2HZ 6000
Cross Canada IRLP NetWednesday11:00 ET9013VE1PLV/VE6BCA
Renfrew County ARES NetWednesday22:00 ET9310???
Elmira (Ontario)Radio ClubWednesday20:30 ET9669VA3TET
220 MHz Rag Chewers NetWednesday20:30 MT9221K6LIE
Friendly Manitoba IRLP Wednesday NetThursday01:00 UTC MT9611VE4MGR/VE4ALF
Ontario Provincial Communications NetThursday20:00 UTC MT9035VA3RX
State of Nevada ARES/RACESThursday20:00 ET9258W7AOR
Thursday Swap NetThursday23:00 ET9258W7AOR
VK1WA NewsFriday09:30 UTC9505???
VK1WA Virtual PubFriday10:00 UTC9500VK2YX
The Tech NetFriday20:00 ET9008VK6BQQ
Radio Club Satelite XE1RCS NetFriday21:00 ET9209XE1YJS / XE1E
QSO PartySaturday16:00 ET9700M5XYZ 5280
YL IRLP/Echokink Net1st / 3rd Saturday17:00 ET9008Zl3TNT
VHF-DX Group NetSaturday21:00 ET9505VK2KU 6000
IRLP SKYWARN NetSaturday21:00 ET9219KD4RAA
IRLP Fun NetSaturday22:00 ET9305???
Tailgaters VHF/UHF Swap NetSaturday22:30 ET9302VE3ERW

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Discussion about this NET - Amateur HAM Radio Net Listings