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We are hoping to list all nets for Amateur Radio / HAM Radio
👍we understand as you do the information is fluid and changes rapidly👍 - Amateur HAM Radio Net Listings

This is a list of amateur radio voice nets and bulletins within

We do not claim to list every amateur radio voice net
currently active, nor does it guarantee that all nets listed here will
be active at the times and on the frequencies given. Uncertainties
about some schedules from some sources (especially internet web pages
and usenet postings), plus sudden and unpredictable changes, makes
this impossible. However, the compiler does try to keep up with net
changes. The intent is to update this list around the first of each
month (unless there have been no new entries made during the preceding
month), but an update may appear at any time if significant changes
are made during a shorter period of time.

Net lengths vary from only a few minutes to several hours for DX and
maritime nets. Some nets are "roll call" only, while others have
comments from check ins. Informal sessions may precede and/or follow
some nets. Some nets may begin early if a preceding net on the same
frequency closes or does not meet, or if enough regular check ins show
up early. Some nets may not meet if a net control operator is not
available or if there are no check ins. Frequencies can vary widely
depending on band conditions and frequency usage at the time. No net
or group can claim priority of any amateur frequency. Nets on higher
frequencies may be suspended or irregular during low sunspot periods.
Some nets do not meet or use weekend schedules on holidays. Some nets
are inactive during certain parts of the year.

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System Mode : Digital Mobile Radio - DMR
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Network : BM/Brandmeister
Location of the Net/Repeater :
Description: Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) as it applies to amateur radio digital voice technology.
Contact and Callsign: URL :

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