Trans-Canada IRLP Net IRLP Node 9013

Trans-Canada IRLP Net IRLP Node 9013

The Cross Canada IRLP Net takes place every Wednesday morning starting at 1600 GMT (0800 PST) on node 9013. It generally lasts about an hour and starts in British Columbia and runs across the country to Nova Scotia. They welcome checkins from anywhere, not just Canada. So join in any Wednesday morning! Guy Costanzo, VA7G AC, Vancouver, BC

TransCanada Net via IRLP Node 9013 each Wednesday morning at 8am PDT.   Anyone can bring up the net on your local repeater/area from all across Canada.

The Trans Canada IRLP net all participating nodes connect to reflector 9013 with status displayed at

When ::  Wednesday morning starting at 1600 GMT (0800 PST) on node 9013

Net Controls HOST include :
Guy Costanzo, VA7GAC - Vancouver, BC
John, VA3WM - NiagaraFalls, ON

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  1. W7WIP From Reno Nevada. Thanks for attempting to get my check in this morning, I stepped away for just a moment. Enjoy listening to the Canadians!!!

  2. is there a MANITOBA net controler??? I don`t recall hearing anybody

  3. Newbie here, still not sure how to bring up the Node. Any help?


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