Toronto Amateur Radio Emergency Service Group NET

Toronto Amateur Radio Emergency Service Group NET
Toronto ARES :

Toronto ARES Nets

Monday 8:00 pm2A 145.130-103.5Monday ARES GTU Net
Monday 8:20 pm220 224.860-103.5220 VE3BEG Repeater Net
Tuesday 8:00 pm405 147.405 100.0Tuesday Simplex Net
Tuesday 8:30 pm4D 442.700+
VE3YYZ-B D-Star Net
Wednesday8:00 pm4B 444.850+103.5Wed ARES GTU Net
Wednesday8:20 pm10FM29.600 
10 Meter FM Simplex Net
Thursday 8:00 pm405 147.405 100.0Thursday Simplex Net
Thursday 8:20 pm2D 145.770 
VHF D-Star Net
Thursday 8:30 pm4D 445.800 
UHF D-Star Net
Friday 8:00 pm2A 145.130-103.5Friday ARES GTU Net
Friday 8:20 pm220 223.500 100.0220 simplex Net
Saturday 8:00 pm520 146.520 100.0Saturday Simplex Net
Saturday 8:20 pm6B 53.390-
VA3ECT 6m Rptr Net
Sunday 5:30 pm4T 444.400+103.5VE3TWR Regional Net
Sunday 8:00 pm40 446.000 100.0UHF Simplex net
Sunday 8:20 pm60 52.525 
6m Simplex Net
Jan.31/15 Please check side bulletin for any late Toronto ARES Net changes

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