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DMR BrandMeister Hytera Net #31089

DMR BrandMeister Hytera Net #31089
- Swapshop

Hytera Network "Hytera Net"
TG- 31089 TS-1
(Hytera BrandMeister Net - Every Thursday @ 19:30 hrs PT)

Host ::  Ryan
Host :: Terry  NX7R

DMR-Marc Canada DMR Net TG#302

Canada DMR Net - Amateur HAM Radio

About and Purpose
DMR Trans CANADA net
DMR-Marc network :: Talkgroup 302

Every Sunday Nights @ 9:00PM (21:00) EDT or
3:00AM (3:00) UTC = 3:00 UTC Previous Day Toronto Time


TinyURL was created! DMRNET

The intended purpose of the Net are as follows:

Purpose of this Net (testing connectivity of DMR Repeaters Canada and access for the operators)
  • Community. Create a sense of community and to promote diversity within Canada;
  • Education. Act as a catalyst for education & learning and to promote the growth of ham radio as a hobby;
  • Communications. Provide an alternate means of communications in the event of an emergency or natural disaster across Canada.
All attendees of the Net are asked and are highly encouraged to support the above objectives.

VE3WZW Andre

DMR Nets

DMR Nets

TAC310, TG310, Sundays at 8 PM EDT

New England Wide, TG3181, DMR-MARC Mondays at 8 PM EDT
Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut
Monday 8pm EST the New England Wide Talk Group 3181 on all New England, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia repeaters and for the 1st time, access from the DMR+ network, Reflector 4641 New England. Use your openSpots, DVMega and MMDVMs for access to DMR+


BARS Fusion Net

The BARS Fusion Net is held Monday nights at 7:30 CST (0130 UTC Tuesday, 0030 UTC Summer time) in WiRES-X Room #21493 and on the MNWIS repeaters. The net is open to anyone interested.

List of Fusion Nets Updated 12-Mar-2017
(please send updates to info at ham operator dot com)

Upstate NY Fusion NET

Upstate NY HAM Radio News & Information
Thursday, March 23, 2017

Fusion NET and other Fusion updates

Tuesday March 28, 2017 at 8PM, there will be a Fusion NET on the 145.29 W2XRX repeater (Canadice, NY) in Wires-X room #21704.

The purpose will be to discuss Fusion news, equipment, Wires-X, tips, etc.  Check-ins are encouraged from all CNY/WNY Fusion stations.

The WN8Z 147.39 Fusion repeater in Fulton will also have access to this NET. All you Fusion folks should check it out.

The mode will be digital narrow "DN".


Essex County DMR (DMR MARC)  - CXLD

Essex County DMR Society (DMR MARC)
Tuesday Night Net @ 9:00 pm ET
this evening on the Ontario talkgroup (3023) DMR MARC

UPDATE 3 May 2017  ::  the Ontario DMR net as we held on Tuesday evenings is no more. Bill VE3ES

Toronto Canada Amateur Radio Emergency Communications

For Amateur Radio Emergency Communications to have any value to anyone,
it must first operate as an organized network of stations.

- For many operators, they would have no Amateur Radio activity without the nets.
- Please support your local net with a check in.

- - DAILY NETS - - CQ - CQ -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- 11.00 am - Toronto ARES Morning Net - VA3GTU 145.130- (103.5)
- - - - - - - - - on Saturday use VE3TOR 146.940- (103.5)
- - - - - - - - - on Sunday use VE3TNC 147.270+
- 5.45 pm - Toronto ARES Mobile/Base Roundtable/Monitoring
- - - - - - - - - VA3GTU 2A 145.130- (103.5) (Not run on Sundays)
- 6.30 pm - NTS Open Line Net - VE3RPT 147.060
- 7.00 pm - NTS Phone Net - 3.742 MHz.
- 8.00 pm - Toronto ARES Net รข€“ See below for frequencies
- 7am-6pm - ONTARS 75 Meter Net - 3.755 MHz


D-Star Nets
as of June 13, 2015.

Full list at http://www. dstarinfo. com/nets. aspx
- Both primary reflectors with modes (and backups, if known) are noted.

For the D-Rats Ratflectors, select F)ile, P)references, R)adio, A)dd. Choose Network, enter desired name and ratflector, set port at 9000, click on S)ave.  Times are U. S. Central; last minute  cancellations may occur. Email changes to

Daryl Stout, WX1DER, Little Rock, Arkansas .

Amateur Radio HF Phone Nets

Amateur Radio HF Phone Nets Freq. Website Time
3730 Group  3.730 MHz. Yes 21:00 ET Nightly
3803 Roundtable Net  - Website is Yahoo Group site. After checking in you will be invited join the group and gain access to info, files, links & photos on site. Gary House AB9LF 3.803 MHz. No 23:00 ET Nightly
Alberta Public Service 3.700 MHz. No 0100 UTC Daily
ARES Ontario HF Nets 7.153 MHz
3.743 MHz
Yes 1:00pm Sundays ET
5:00pm Sundays ET
Aurora Net (Afternoon)
7.055 MHz
7.055 MHz.
Yes 23:30 UTC Daily
02:30 UTC Wed & Sun

Bakken Amateur Radio Fusion Net

Bakken Amateur Radio Fusion Net

When:  August 15, 2016 @ 7:30 PM America/Chicago Timezone
Where: 145.390- Fusion Mode Required
Cost: Free
Contact: Bakken Amateur Radio Society

Winnipeg Amateur Radio Club

Winnipeg Amateur Radio Club Net Information
VHF / UHF / HF / D-Star - Net Information

VHF Nets .......

MRS Nets - 147.390 Mhz +
Sundays at 9:00 pm
Thursdays at 9:00 pm

This net covers Winnipeg and the MRS linked repeater system, and includes various anouncements on amateur radio activities, plus Dick's "Swap and Shop". For more info on the MRS System visit http://www. mb-repeater-society. ca/

The Morning Net - 147.390 Mhz +
Weekdays at 9:00 am

This net covers Winnipeg and hams of all ages are welcome to join in this net which is always a lot of fun!

Canada Maritime Nets

Canadian Maritime Nets

Information on the very beginning of the Professional Loafers Net is sketchy. I'm told that it was started by Eddy Allen - VE1BEW. He thought there should be a net on 80 metres in the mornings for Maritimers and I’m told he had only one check-in on the first net, a friend - VE1AQO. Shortly after VE1IS - Lou joined the net as a net control. The net started on 3.760 and moved to it’s present frequency of 3.735 sometime in the 90's due to interference from some out-of-the Maritimes stations using the same frequency. 

Denver Area Net List

Denver Area Net List
Provided as a service to you by the Denver Radio Club!

Day Time Net Frequency PL Notes
Daily 0630 Colorado Weather Net 146.940- 103.5 HF on 3.945MHz
Daily 0800 Say Good Morning With Your Radio Net 145.340- 103.5 Connected to IRLP Reflector #9205
Daily 0800 SATERN HF Net 14.265 MHz USB Monday thru Saturday,
Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Net
Daily 1200 The High Noon Net 7.240 MHz - -
Daily 1900 Colorado Traffic Net 145.310- 88.5 An ARRL NTS section net for handling NTS and ARES long haul messages.
Daily 2000 Southern Colorado Traffic Net 146.970- 100.0 -

Toronto Amateur Radio Emergency Service Group NET

Toronto Amateur Radio Emergency Service Group NET
Toronto ARES :

Toronto ARES Nets

Monday 8:00 pm2A 145.130-103.5Monday ARES GTU Net
Monday 8:20 pm220 224.860-103.5220 VE3BEG Repeater Net
Tuesday 8:00 pm405 147.405 100.0Tuesday Simplex Net
Tuesday 8:30 pm4D 442.700+
VE3YYZ-B D-Star Net
Wednesday8:00 pm4B 444.850+103.5Wed ARES GTU Net
Wednesday8:20 pm10FM29.600 
10 Meter FM Simplex Net
Thursday 8:00 pm405 147.405 100.0Thursday Simplex Net
Thursday 8:20 pm2D 145.770 
VHF D-Star Net
Thursday 8:30 pm4D 445.800 
UHF D-Star Net
Friday 8:00 pm2A 145.130-103.5Friday ARES GTU Net
Friday 8:20 pm220 223.500 100.0220 simplex Net



21  146.460ARES Simplex NET (103.5)
22  146.400ARES Simplex WORKING
24  146.550VHF Working
25  146.580VHF Working

List of Local Nets - Toronto Amateur Radio

List of Local Nets - Toronto Amateur Radio

List of Local Nets - Toronto Amateur Radio

For Amateur Radio Emergency Communications to have any value to anyone,
it must first operate as an organized network of stations.
- For many operators, they would have no Amateur Radio activity without the nets.
- Please support your local net with a check in.

General Mobile Radio Service - Ch.20 (462.6750 MHz), tone 22.
If needed, 2nd channel would be Ch.21, then Ch.22.
Family Radio Service - Ch.7 (462.7125 MHz), no tone.
If needed, 2nd channel would be Ch.6 and then downward.
If needed, PL would be 103.5 - (#13) check manual.