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Nets (HF/VHF)

Here is a list of nets heard in Alberta.  We encourage everyone to check in if they can:

Net Name
Sunday VHF Net144.200 USB23:00z SundayAlberta VHF net.
MARA145.290- (VA6CTV)
FARS Network
2100 SundaysMARA ERC [Emergency Response Communications] net
IRLP Net146.61 (VE6OIL)0900 LocalSARA IRLP Net
Central Alberta ARES146.61 (VE6OIL)2000 SundayCentral Alberta ARES, linked to SARA network
LDS Net146.61 (VE6OIL)2030 SundayLDS Net
CAARC146.61 (VE6OIL)2000 MondayCentral Alberta Amateur Radio Club Monday night net
CARA Caratels Net146.850 FM (VE6RYC)1PM MT TuesdayCARA's weekly net held on the VE6RYC repeater.

146.940 (VE6RPT)

Tues & Thurs 8:15pmBob VE6PWT. This Net has been led since 1992

147.135 (VA6CAL

Sundays 7:00pmNew CCC Repeater Net
Alberta Public Service Net3.700 LSB01:30z DailyNightly public service net. Part of the national traffic system.
BC Public Service Net3.729 LSB01:30z DailyBC's public service net.  Part of the national traffic system.
Sask Public Service Net3.735 LSB01:00z DailySaskatchewan's public service net. Part of the national traffic system.
Aurora Net7.100 LSB23:00z DailyWestern Canada net

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