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Nets (HF/VHF)

Here is a list of nets heard in Alberta.  We encourage everyone to check in if they can:

Net Name
Sunday VHF Net144.200 USB23:00z SundayAlberta VHF net.
MARA145.290- (VA6CTV)
FARS Network
2100 SundaysMARA ERC [Emergency Response Communications] net
IRLP Net146.61 (VE6OIL)0900 LocalSARA IRLP Net
Central Alberta ARES146.61 (VE6OIL)2000 SundayCentral Alberta ARES, linked to SARA network
LDS Net146.61 (VE6OIL)2030 SundayLDS Net
CAARC146.61 (VE6OIL)2000 MondayCentral Alberta Amateur Radio Club Monday night net
CARA Caratels Net146.850 FM (VE6RYC)1PM MT TuesdayCARA's weekly net held on the VE6RYC repeater.

146.940 (VE6RPT)

Tues & Thurs 8:15pmBob VE6PWT. This Net has been led since 1992

147.135 (VA6CAL

Sundays 7:00pmNew CCC Repeater Net
Alberta Public Service Net3.700 LSB01:30z DailyNightly public service net. Part of the national traffic system.
BC Public Service Net3.729 LSB01:30z DailyBC's public service net.  Part of the national traffic system.
Sask Public Service Net3.735 LSB01:00z DailySaskatchewan's public service net. Part of the national traffic system.
Aurora Net7.100 LSB23:00z DailyWestern Canada net

Discussion about this NET  -

Saskatchewan Local and Regional Nets

Saskatchewan Local and Regional Nets
(All times are CST, +6 hours for UTC)

NetDayLocal TimeFrequency
Saskatoon Area 2 metre NetDaily20:00146.640-
Saskatchewan 2 metre NetDaily21:00146.970-
Prince Albert 2 metre NetDaily21:30147.150+
Saskatchewan 80 metre NetDaily19:003.735
Alberta 80 metre NetDaily19:303.700
Manitoba 80 metre NetDaily18:003.747
B.C. 80 metre NetDaily20:003.729
Aurora NetDaily17:30 & 20:307.100
ARES NetSunday08:303.753
Sask WX NetDaily08:003.753
80 Metre YL Net1st & 3rd Tuesday19:153.750

DMR Talkgroup ID: 3023 - Amateur HAM Radio Net Listings

Talkgroup Description
Province of Ontario, CANADA
Talk Group Contact: Phil VE3RD
Currently Bridged to DMR+ TG3023 which is also bridged to Brandmeister 3023

Talkgroup ID: 3023
Language: English
Country: Canada
Website: N/A

DMR Talkgroup 302 - Canada Wide - All Provinces of Canada - Amateur HAM Radio Net Listings

DMR Talkgroup ID: 302

Talkgroup Description
Canada Wide - All Provinces of Canada
Bringing All Canadians Together to Chat

Talkgroup Trustee
Callsign: VE3RD

North Star Digital Net - Amateur HAM Radio Net Listings

North Star Digital Net

The Beacon of Light in Today’s Digital Voice Universe 

Where: Every Tuesday night at 8:00 PM EST
  • DMR  STEM Talk Group 31630 (See
  • EchoLink Node 188465 (N2HVD-R and no radio required!)
  • Allstar Node 48878 (For other networks looking to link in)




Réseau du Lundi Soir3027Lundi19h30EDT / ESTTechnical / TechniqueFR
Réseau DMR Inter. Francophone3022Samedi10h00EDT / ESTParticipationFR
DMR NET w/VE7LE311Sunday00h00EDT / ESTAcross Canada  - VE7LE TedEN
World Wide NET91Saturday10h30EDT / ESTWorld Wide NET
Tech Talk NET310 (TAC 310)Sunday20h00EDT / ESTTechnical discussions, questions & answersEN
VE3ORF / 3730 NET3026Tuesday08h00EDT / ESTParticipation (Linked to YSF Wires-X room 40505 and FCS001/17)EN

Amateur Radio World Map AND DXCC Country List

 Amateur Radio World Map AND DXCC Country List

AllStar Directory

AllStar Directory

All net times are listed in EST and are on an as is bases. this list was originally made in the Summer of 2020 and does not take into account standard daylight savings time. I may update this in the future.

The 4X AllStar net
The 4X AllStar net happens at 1:30 in the afternoon eastern standard time on sunday. The node number is 48552. the time fluctuates between 1 and 2. you can view the QRZ here. Mark 4X1KS is net controler.

Wide Area Network Repeater System
The Wide Area Network Repeater System, WANRS has a few nets which you can read about here. their main node number is 2135.

Raspberry Pi net
The Raspberry Pi net hosted by W2JLD comes on at 5 in the evening eastern standard time on sunday. You can join it on node 2585. view his QRZ page here. thanks goes to W2JLD for requesting this be listed.

Allstar NET 47620 (2585) - Check into the Raspberry PI/Allstar net

Curious about the #AllstarLink network?
Have an #Allstar or #RaspberryPI question?

Check into the Raspberry PI/Allstar net on
Sunday, May 3rd, 15:00 EDT (19:00UTC)

#Echolink: W2JLD-L or W2JLD-R
Or ALLSTAR 47620 (2585)

Allstar // AllstarLink -
Any Amateur Radio VoIP discussion or Asterisk Allstar
Subjects may include; Asterisk / Allstar / hamvoip platform